Corporate Investigations

The corporate investigation involves the scrutiny of embezzlement, fraud, deliberate fabrication or falsification of data or wrongdoing committed by employees or management. Many aspects of corporate investigations can vary significantly based on your needs.

Private Investigations

The private investigations field is complex and dynamic, as it includes personal disputes, marital investigations (surveillance on spouse), skiptracing of missing relatives, inheritors and debtors, asset tracing, labor disputes, Etc.

International Investigations

'CIS' provides its services also outside INDIA, across the globe. The office's teams include investigators in the international arena like US, UK, Singapore, Ireland, Malaysia, being veterans of various security agencies, all acting within the legal framework in each country.

Out office collaborates with leading Investigations firms across the world, thus providing quick and effective services abroad.

'CIS' specializes in complex investigations, and acts in full discretion and through legal methods, to provide its' clients with reliable and qualitative findings, with an emphasis on very fast response time, 24/7.

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