Corporate Investigations

'CIS' specializes in counselling and provision of solutions for commercial clients, organizations and institutions. We serve decision makers by providing services ranging from asset protection (physical, information and IP), through investigations of business and legal disputes, IP breach or embezzlement, down to competitive intelligence services in india and abroad.

The office's teams are experienced in the commercial and institutional areas, and operate in legal and ethical methods to obtain qualitative, legal and valuable results, relating to the client's needs.

Our investigators are versed in advanced technologies for tracing, surveillance and data collection without breaking any ethics or laws of government, and can thus identify weak points in the organization's physical and technological protection. These insights allow planning of suitable protections.

We provide companies and organizations with ongoing services (retainer based), of a full services suit for your company's protection.

Amongst 'CIS ' clients are public institutions, public companies, banks, government offices, municipalities, and private businesses

Business / Commercial investigations

'CIS' specializes in providing counsel and solutions to commercial clients, organizations, and institutions. We serve decision makers by providing services ranging from asset protection (physical, information and IP), through investigations of business and legal disputes, IP breach or embezzlement, down to competitive intelligence services in india and abroad.

The unique combination of services provided by 'CIS', which includes professional counsel and support throughout the process, leads from investigation to recovery, training and prevention.

We provide detailed intelligence that allows decision makers to make informed decisions, relating to their most complex challenges.

'CIS' specializes in business and commercial investigations, and the combination of these with qualitative intelligence, allows for a broader basis for decision makers.
Based on extensive experience in the commercial sector, our investigators are familiar with the commercial and institutional areas, and act within lawful and ethical methods to obtain qualitative results, which are legal, valuable and directly related to the clients' needs.
Supported by advanced technologies for tracking, monitoring and data collection, our investigators can thus examine breach and weak points in the clients' physical and technological defences. This in turn leads to the implementation of suitable defences.

'CIS' provides companies and organizations with ongoing (retained) services, in which a full services suite is provided, for the protection of the clients' organization.

Amongst 'CIS' clients are public institutions, public companies, large bureaucrats ,banks, government offices, municipalities, private and small businesses.

Surveillance in India and abroad

Our teams include investigators in India and abroad, veterans of various security agencies, all acting within the legal framework in each country. These investigators are experienced in physical surveillance, using advanced technological aids, and capable of performing surveillance in almost any country, moving quickly from one location to another, as the investigation unfolds.

Our investigators specializes in sensitive and dynamic surveillances, and acts discreetly and in all legal methods in order to provide our clients with reliable findings, while exposing the truth and putting emphasis on quick response time, 24/7.

⇒ All our activity is supported with Audio and Video recordings, and backed by detailed surveillance reports, photographs and video files which is legally valid.

Security counselling for businesses

From physical protection of individuals, sites and organizations, to the implementation of the most advanced security technologies, our investigators and advisors directly contribute to the security of assets, including IP assets of our business clients.

Our teams include investigators, security officers and advisors from various security agencies, in india and abroad, who specialize in security counselling.

We provide detailed intelligence that allows decision makers to make informed decisions, relating to their most complex challenges.

Our teams are versed in advanced technologies for tracking, monitoring and data collection, and can thus examine breach and weak points in the clients' physical and technological defenses. This in turn leads to the implementation of suitable defenses.

We provide companies and organizations with ongoing (retained) services, in which a full services suite is provided, for the protection of the clients' organization.

Background checks

Business opportunities often involve risks. A well-managed organization would carefully examine the financial feasibility of upcoming deals with all possible risks.

'CIS’ provides thorough background checks for its clients, on persons and companies, and provides a broad profile of the latter. This tool is essential for the decision making process, and prevents possible losses and complications.

Amongst the parameters to be checked are;

  • General information on the company / person
  • Legal history / entanglements with authorities
  • Involvement in court files
  • Records in execution offices
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Financial information

Our investigators are versed in the commercial and institutional sectors, and act through all legal venues to provide reliable and legal findings, being of value and context to the clients' needs. 

Reliability Checks

Hiring employees in sensitive facilities usually includes personal background checks. The more thorough the check, the less likely it is to hire a risky employee.

We provide reliability check on candidates, which include discrete background checks, frontal interview with security officer, and polygraph test (if required).  A final recommendation for hiring or dismissing the employee is provided following this process.

Amongst the parameters to be checked are personal background, verification of education or profession, professional experience, criminal record, involvement with drug use / gambling / violence, general lifestyle and financial background. 


Polygraph Tests

In certain cases, a polygraph test is used as a meaningful complementary tool, to confirm or debunk testimonies (statements), and the unfolding of complex investigations.

In sensitive work places, polygraph test are a routine that maintains employees' reliability and loyalty levels, as well as serving as an effective preventive tool.

The test results are not admissible in court, however quite often the findings and frontal confrontation after the test, may lead to confession of the interrogated subject.

Our office provides single and routine polygraph tests, while emphasizing the use of precise and focused questions. The test includes a thorough questioning of the subject prior to the test, and if needed – a frontal verification following the test. 

Debugging Checks

‘CIS' provides debugging checks – a series of checks aimed at exposing tracking and espionage means, either physical or virtual, in buildings, cars, computers, objects and mobile phones.

The checks performed with designated technical equipment, the most advanced of its kind, as well as a physical examination.

The checks include;
  • Scanning computers and mobile phones for malicious software
  • Locating RF transmitters in all frequencies - VLF, LF, HF, VHF, UHF, SHF
  • Locating transmitters in various modulation methods - AM, FM, PM, and digital ASK, FAS, PSK, QSK
  • WIFI, WIMAX, GSM, CDMA, UMTS, 3G, Bluetooth
  • Locating IR Laser transmitters
  • Locating VLF- Carrier Current transmitters
  • Locating GSM transmitters, even in stand-by mode
  • Checking AUX channels for Bypass Microphones
  • Locating microphones and recording devices
  • Detecting hidden cameras

  • Upon completion of scan, the client receives a report detailing the spaces covered, the tests performed and all the findings.

    Our office also provides counseling on debugging and espionage protection, by espionage and cyber experts.


    Security Cameras

    'CIS’ office specializes in covering facilities and businesses with hidden or exposed security cameras.

    Our office employs a professional team that includes a security advisor, technicians and installers that survey the area and build a detailed plan for the cameras' network. The installation can be done at any hour of the day, depending on demand or restrictions of the site.

    The cameras network is connected to a control center, that record and store the files, allows for viewing and remote control of the cameras in real time.

    The technical equipment is tailored according to the client's demands and budget.
    If needed, our office can provide real time monitoring services, including manning the control room. 

    Financial Investigations

    Our office provides extensive and reliable information on individuals or companies, based on a combination of field inquiries, financial data collection and databases research.

    Financial investigations are necessary to develop evidence against sophisticated,high-level criminals with a view to dismantling transnational and organised crime networks.

    Such a report would include;
  • Comprehensive information on the subject (individual or company)
  • Ownership of companies and businesses in india and abroad
  • Real estate ownerships in india and abroad
  • Financial firmness
  • Due diligence
  • Lifestyle / expenditures
  • Owned vehicles
  • Insurances
  • Mortgages
  • Records at execution offices / subjugations

  • The financial investigations performed by us in accordance with PI regulations, and the findings can be presented to any judicial court.

    Missing person in India and Abroad

    Whether your company was subject to planned fraud, or you wish to pursue a debtor, in order to regain company monies, your company faces a long legal process.

    Even if the company possesses evidence, and proper legal representation, there is need to locate the debtor in order to open proceedings.

    Upon filing of claims, a legal personal delivery might be required, to the debtor himself or first degree relatives. Our firm employs investigators and information specialists, who specialize in Skip tracing in India and abroad.

    Skip tracing (missing person recovery) includes the following information;
  • Full personal details (full name, date of birth, marital status, country of birth)
  • Current address of residence
  • Contact information (phone numbers, email, Etc.) – optional

  • Such cases are billed for success only.

    Legal Deliveries / Process Server

    Our office handles legal deliveries, including eviction notices, execution office notices to debtors, court subpoena, Etc.

    The actual delivery is documented in video and audio, to serve as proof of delivery in case the subject refuses to accept the delivery, or sign for it.

    We direct authorized execution office contractors, for delivery of eviction notices, and professional couriers for all deliveries in India.


    Theft and Pilferage

    Various studies and researchers have many a times revealed that Indian corporates are losing substantial part of their economy due to the menace of theft by the outsiders and pilferage by their own employee.

    Timely audits with monitoring movements of employees, salesmen, business partners, or even competitors can sometimes be imperative for the collection of evidence when suspicious circumstances arise within a business.

    Once evidence is obtained, we CIS can assist by involving the relevant law enforcement agencies and legal assistance to take the case further.

    CIS consists of highly skilled and well-experienced professionals who are expert in the field of corporate services and has been handling many high level corporates in the clientele.

    Copyright and trademark investigation

    At Present, Companies, Organizations are facing the problems of Copyright, Official Document and Trademark Intrusions.

    When customers unknowingly buy shoddy counterfeit products or buy untested, unregulated, or otherwise sub-par products or services that have a company name attached to it, the company will begin to garner a bad reputation based on products and services that they did not and in fact not produced. In taking away a company’s customer base, property right infringement also harms a company financially.

    In this situation the original company may then seek out legal counsel and legal action against the perpetrators .

    As the top Detective Agencies for Infringement of Trade Mark/Copyright, our company sustain your company’s interests by helping you in discovering out the mishandling of your Patents, Trademarks, Academic Properties or Copyrights. We help you through according to Company Laws. Our company has a team of diversified professional experts who can handle official Document, Brand or Copyright Violation Investigations across India.

    CIS Group Detective agency  provides brand, Copyright Violations and Patent Investigation through following ways:
    1. We update our the Clients on different general areas where these infringements happened in the business.
    2. Categorizing hidden investigations under suitable coverage to discover related samples and pictorial proofs on information outflow. All the evidences collected are accurate and can stand straight in the court of law.
    3. Performing undercover operations involving persons or company officials. We accomplish all these acts under the trademark and Copyright Act with the help of the judiciary order.
    We the leaders in corporate and industrial investigation can help you in tracing out and locating the fraudster, their associated friends and the most important part to discover their reason behind such infringement. We map out the complete route of source of an identified infringement to destination like who is final resource to obtain benefit of such harmful leakage from the Company.

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