Private Investigations

The private investigations field is complex and dynamic, as it includes personal disputes, marital investigations (surveillance on spouse), skiptracing of missing relatives, inheritors and debtors, asset tracing, labor disputes, Etc.

'CIS' operates all over India and around the world, employing the best investigators and surveillance experts, veterans of various security agencies, who use advanced technological equipment and act in legal and ethical methods.

Our office specializes in complex investigations, and acts in full discretion and every legal way to provide our clients with reliable and qualitative findings, while exposing the truth and providing fast response time, 24/7.

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Pre-matrimonial check

Trust’ is a vital factor that makes matrimonial relation successful. Also, both the potential partners must have real information about each other. In times where each day we are coming across by different accidents of after marriage, it becomes important to have a confidential before marriage check done on prospective groom/bride.

Because there is an enhancement in crime, some marital issues, and domestic violence, that’s why marital investigation services are going more common in our society. Because once you commit to a toxic or fake relationship your life goes in dark for always unless you leave that relationship. 
Therefore, it is recommended to crosscheck all the information provided by the opposite party. We have proficiency in dealing with any kind of pre-matrimonial checks. All the crucial details provided to our clients are driven through various steps of verifications keeping in mind the sensitivity of the case. WE UNDERTAND YOU.

Our pre-matrimonial investigation includes parameters are:
  • Nature & Behaviour of subject
  • Any legal charges
  • Bad habits of drinking , smoking etc
  • Health history
  • Employment status
  • Education status
  • Relationship status
  • Matrimonial status
  • Financial status
  • Family background

  • Because there is an enhancement in crime, some marital issues, and domestic violence, that’s why marital investigation services are going more common in our society. Because once you commit to a toxic or fake relationship your life goes suck for always unless you leave that relationship. 


    Post-matrimonial Investigation

    Post matrimonial investigation might seem like extreme decisions and sometimes led to emotional breakdowns but they are also some of the most important decisions. These investigations can provide you with all the required details and better vision about partner or spouse.

    A lot of partners have shown concern about their partners having extramarital affairs. Day by day, increased cases of these affairs have been reported. Extramarital affairs may occur due to different reasons. People change with time and can make the wrong choices. So, have a post marital investigation if you have any such doubts to help yourself.

    Divorce case support

    CIS has been one of the top detective to be preferred for getting assistance and evidence in divorce matters.

    You need firm evidence for claiming a divorce. Collecting evidence at such a crucial phase is hard and complex due to no prior experience.

    Gathering proofs related to infidelity, extra-marital affairs, etc is essential. In few cases both the partners are faithful, but they highly suspect each other. Hence, knowing the truth about your relationship is also valuable. It aids to make your relationship healthy again and makes your life peaceful.

    We have high end brand sophisticated devices to collect evidence in such cases. All evidence delivered by us can be easily produced to Indian court and is admissible to help you in your claim.


    Bigamy check

    Bigamy investigation is very helpful and can help in divorce matter in many ways. We get this investigation to know if the spouse has got married twice without taking divorce legally from first spouse.  

    Gainful employment and Financial check

    A spouse may sometimes attempt to hide assets to avoid splitting them. As part of a divorce investigation, we CIS International can investigate a spouse's finances and discover hidden assets such as unreported income, hidden/undisclosed assets and more.

    Getting evidence on gainful employment is usually required in most of the cases which are later produced in court. Evidence submitted to our client is acceptable in the court. 


    Child Custody matter

    Child custody and visitation investigations are usually the most crucial issue in a divorce or custody dispute. In determining the custody of a minor, the court is guided by one standard – the best interest of the child. If it is not in the best interest of your child to be in the custody or visitation of the other guardian,
    CIS Group Private Detective Agency will find the evidence during a child custody and visitation investigations to support the facts.

    If you know that your estranged spouse is unfit to care for the child, or if he or she would not provide a safe, healthy, stable, and happy living environment for your child, then you must prove that to the court to protect your child. Let us conduct a discreet, confidential investigation that will provide objective evidence that will show that you or your client is the parent whose custody and care will be in the best interest of the child.

    Child Monitoring

    Establishing firm guidelines and limits for your child to keep track of what is going on in his or her social world. Monitoring also means establishing clear expectations about what your child should always tell you AND that they can always talk to you about the things going on in their life.

    We have well designed team for child monitoring investigation to help you understand your child.


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