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If the world doesn’t slow down, neither we do. We challenge ourselves to keep up the pace and move ahead of time in this fast-changing world.

CIS Group is the leading investigation firm in India with a proven track record. Having team comprising Ex-policemen, army officers and management of highly professionals.

We are specialized in every facet of personal and corporate investigation and in counseling of investigation you may require. From relationship and infidelity issues to high-level corporate and business investigations, the fully licensed, trustworthy, and discreet private investigators within CIS Group are most importantly reputable.

We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality information and data to illuminate any situation.an

We are trusted by high-net-worth individuals, respected law firms and some of the country’s largest organisations. That’s because we’ve been doing this work for over 30 years and are incredibly efficient in getting the results needed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a professional, confidential, and honest service which can be tailor made to suit each client’s unique requirements, this includes:
⇒ Commitment to operate in such a way that our client’s needs are met, and the identified irregularities are dealt within a timeously manner.
⇒ To ensure a positive service relationship is always maintained between role players.
⇒ To provide excellent service with full dedication in work assigned.
⇒ Skill transfer and skill development.


Our Vision

We see our service as a leading provider of detective and information services. All our efforts are aimed at satisfying the legal needs of clients in a reliable and quality private investigation service.

Code of Conduct

A Code of Professional Standards is pivotal in promoting and maintaining moral and ethical fortitude and goes hand in hand with the general uplift and professionalization of private investigators and those individuals and firms that conduct investigative type work.


Why Us?


Our free consultation is fully confidential. We can help you  with any questions you have.


You can contact our management team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss your case.


Our agents are highly skilled experts who will deliver results to the highest possible standard.


We have been a trusted source for businesses and individuals all over India.


Our services can help you collect and document evidence with all findings qualified to be admissible in court.


Management Team

Meet our Team

Mr. Rajesh Pandey

(Founder & Director-operation)


Mr. Ramachandran Gavde



Ravindra M. Rasal

(Head - Investigation Department)

Legal Advisor


Adv Seoul Shah


Adv Abid Mulani


Adv Shweta Pandey


Mr. Rajesh Pandey (Founder & Director-operation)

The pioneer in Investigation , Mr. Rajesh Pandey founded the company CIS Group in the year 2000. He has over 30 years of experience in the field and is a widely recognised private investigator who has a confidence that comes from decades of crime fighting. From his roots as a renowned crime reporter through to his corporate problem-solving abilities, Mr. Rajesh has a great notch of delivering success-oriented results.

He has been regularly retained by respected law firms, corporate companies, government agencies and High Net Worth Individuals. Mr. Rajesh offers corporate and commercial clients a full investigative service that is effective in uncovering and resolving all forms of workplace and commercial crime.


Amrita Priyadarshini (Director-Business Administration)

Amrita Priyadarshini brings excellent investigation, communication, and interpersonal skills, with the ability to relate effectively with people from a diverse range of ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds. She is tech-savvy, a visionary, entrepreneur, and have great management skills.

She attains great skills to Conduct and manage civil, criminal & fraud, and personal investigations for a wide range of clients including corporations, law firms and private domestic clients.

Knowledge of conducting covert enquiries in sensitive situations, including the use of undercover and subterfuge methods is the special feature she has.


Mr. Ramachandran Gavde (Vice-President)

The company is privileged to have on board Mr. Ramachandran Gavde, ex. IB and DCP. He has a glorious career spanning several decades in Indian Police. His extensive experience in detection and investigation of several sensational and complicated cases has won laurels. Due to unparalleled courage and great sense of investigation he has been given many fame assignments across country.

We are highly obliged to have such a great advisor in our team who is helping us with planning and processing of all major cases to get breakthrough results.


Ravindra M. Rasal Asst. Commissioner Of Police (Rtd), Pune City.

We take pride to on board another reputed official in our management team. Rtd. Assistant Commissioner of Police , Ravindra Rasal had serve as the government's most visible ambassadors. He has been the most approachable , engaging and dynamic on his role. Many high profile and top cases were catered by Rtd. ACP Ravindra Rasal in Maharashtra region.

He is known for truly sincere and tough police official and made citizens feel safe and secure in his time of administration.


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