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Welcome To CIS Private Detective Agency

“If you have a secret mission, you have reached the right destination” we know, what you want to know, and we reveal what is hidden! We are having working presence Pan India through our branches and are based in Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Nashik with Professionally trained experts in different fields.
And in special cases if need arise we can extend our help to you Out of India as well. We dare to chase the truth with vigor and honesty. It’s this professional commitment that makes our detective services accurate with zero error. If you face any such investigative need, “Corporate Intelligence Services” are always at your service.

In today’s fast moving life, we face complex problems, some of which are out of our reach to handle. In Personal or Professional life, you would need trust worthy people and on time accurate information for making important decisions.
Our detective services help you screen and verify the credential checks. Your personal life is also at stake, when you are on threshold of taking important decisions of life. Matrimony is vital in this area.Pre and post marriage investigation service can save from serious problems.

Our investigators and detectives,Pan Indiaare secret friends for you, in need and can act as well-wisher who can bring the truth to you by our persistent and consistent commitmentthrough professional and experienced network.

Your business establishment is safe with our detective services, as we toughly investigate your employees and related people. We screen and verify their personal and criminal record to avoid any fraudulent activity at your office or in their life.

The common problems like harassing, threatening or stalking and Financial status investigations our agency handles that with almost care and accuracy.

The Private Detective ensures your safety lies in investigating any such problem professionally. We have our network of exclusive data base that ensure us to investigate the individuals. These databases can quickly and easily uncover the truth. We operate around the globe. Any investigation can be carried out anywhere in the world.

Corporate Intelligence Services network operates 24/7. Our mission is to obtain the most accurate and authentic information on any enquiry. It is always confidential.