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Mystery Shop Service

This is a unique investigative which is interesting and effective in private detective services.We offer mystery shop services for your business establishments.However vigilant and disciplinarian boss you may be,your employees have their way to tarnish your business image by their behavior.  How well you know your staff? It’s very difficult to take them on face value. “Faces can be deceiving” For a good and sharp business man, it’s very important for him to know, what his employees think of him to know, what his employees think of him and how well are their professional manners.

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In this service, we give a complete report of their behavior and working efficiency. We appoint one of our sharp investigators as your employee and give him the responsibility to gather all the relevant information. We mingle with them as one amongst them and tactfully study their behavior, for e.g., their intra personal interaction, their communication with clients, their other behavioral patterns etc. Our agent gives daily reports to the management in this regard. Our mystery shopper can test customer service. Our work starts with giving report of every juncture. Right from the parking area to the office, he can check on the employee’s customer relation to his personal behavior. This makes your office a perfect place for you to work and carry out quality business with quality staff.

Your place of work is your worship and we understand that. Our Mystery shop service helps you to maintain a healthy and professional atmosphere in the office. This service is available to you 24/7 across the world. We are just a phone call away. We would be always being at your service to give you a cordial office atmosphere and duty bound staff members. So sit back and relax, we are here to shoulder your responsibility for quality check at your business establishments.