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Detective agency in Pune

Internal investigations allow us to help companies and their executives reduce the impact of internal fraud on their businesses.

Internal investigations allow us to help companies and their executives reduce the impact of internal fraud on their businesses.
• We investigate possible financial crimes,
• We protect the information,
• And also protect of reputation of companies and people.
Today's risks are constantly changing and have a significant impact on markets and investors. CIS supports its clients by providing them with the information they need to make good decisions in their internal investigations. We are experts in detecting fraud, unfair competition and conflicts of interest. We have extensive experience investigating and seeking evidence with judicial value in litigation or arbitration. We advise you on the best way to plan and execute your internal investigations and we support your internal team in whatever you need.

Advice on strategy to develop internal business investigations

• At Corporate Intelligence Services (CIS) we have the experience, professionals, technological means and tools necessary to carry out a thorough corporate investigation.

• Our global reach allows us to track individual and corporate assets around the world.
• Our team of professionals has helped locate and recover assets in complex and high-profile cases.
We always work in coordination with our clients, providing reliable information and acting within the highest professional standards.
Acting efficiently and quickly avoids exposing the company to economic and reputational losses, as well as to legal contingencies that are difficult to overcome.

Trust us and we will help you with:
• Corporate Investigations
• Background Investigation
• Asset Search
• Evidence and witnesses
• Fraud investigations
We help our clients confidentially with rigor and professionalism
We are backed by the experience of more than 25 years of work in all sectors of activity, public and private.


we have carried out successful investigations aimed at defending the transparency of operations, recovering investments in politically unstable countries. Attended to corporate security through the physical verification of strategic assets. Developing comprehensive security plans and positioning companies in the market above their competitors.

Automotive: -
Our professionals have directed different investigations in litigation and legal confrontations for damages.

Energy sector: -
We have developed intelligence projects for the positioning of Indian companies in other markets, outlining partners and acquisition objectives. Working in the defence of companies against hostile takeovers and verifying investors and partners.

Financial institutions: -
We have experience in detecting opportunities with the aim of facilitating entry into new markets and operating successfully in unknown economic, political, business and legal environments.

Investment entities: -
We have successfully advised through our due diligences in delicate operations, discovering double accounting, non-existent contracts, hidden interests and reputational risks.

Gaming industry: -
our services have made it possible to test the transparency of certain companies to enter the stock markets. In addition, we have advised personalities and governments of different nationalities in matters such as intellectual property, fraud and corruption, recovering data by electronic means, conducting forensic accounting, searching for hidden assets and evaluating damages, among others.

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