Insurance Verification

insurance investigations

Insurance Verifications

Insurance Investigations are done either to recover claims or to absolve oneself from any liability of claim launched by other party. There are accident cases under insurance companies which are facing tribunals for claims or contractual obligations and violations. The investigator is required to provide litigation support either in favor or against.
Insurance Investigation For Insurance Frauds
 Insurance Investigation Using Insurance Paper Verification
Some insurance frauds that investigate by private detective agency for life insurance are :

- Purpose of insurance
      - Insurable interest of proposer, life assured and nominee
      - Concealment of facts, if any
      - Misrepresentation if any

Some verifications being carried out specifically for general insurance companies require:

      - Driving license verification
      - Identity and address verification
      - Fitness and insurance paper verification
      - Permit verification
      - Health & habit investigation
- Any other relevant verification or investigation required by court of law or insurance company.
The investigator has to strengthen the hands of his client. This requires his acquaintance with laws of the land, the rulings available and the procedures to be followed in collecting evidence from public records. This enables the insurance company to ably ascertain the facts and make more informed decisions.