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The intelligence function is taking root in the field of private companies with the dissemination of the tools and methodologies with that intelligence cycle is developed.
Thus appears the Corporate Intelligence or business or competitive, which is an ideal means to support the decision making process of the company's governing and management bodies.
Although at the national level the development of Corporate Intelligence is much greater in India. Where it is still incipient. It is essential for the Indian business. It concerns everything related to the business but is not limited to it, enhancing the functions of Planning and Strategy, Operations, R&D, Institutional and Security. Thus, Corporate Intelligence is presented as a very useful tool to improve activity and optimize the decision-making, directive, operational and management processes of the company.

The methodology developed so far by the State Intelligence Community to apply to the economic sphere is capable of being used also by the business sector, with the adjustments and limitations of the different principles, parameters of action and means available. The purpose of this Corporate Intelligence is to provide valuable knowledge that is useful to the corporate governance and executive management of the entity, with significance at a strategic level but also at the operational and tactical levels of the activity.

Corporate Intelligence, although it presents conceptual and procedural aspects identical to Intelligence inherent to State services, being private in nature, it requires an organic and methodological orientation adjusted to the business field, fully respecting legality and free market principles. The managers of the Corporate Intelligence function and the matter with which it operates through the exploitation of information sources (in an environment of saturation and information noise), as well as the actions that the company can develop with direct support from said department (as influencing actions channel through lobbying, or external communication campaigns framed in a psychological action plan) -or external intelligence consultants whose malpractice may affect you- require adequate legal coverage. This is so because the Corporate Intelligence function has direct and indirect legal implications, which can affect corporate image and reputation, CSR (corporate social responsibility), institutional relations, the code of conduct, professional deontology, legal issues. compliance and others in the commercial, administrative, tax, labor and corporate criminal law fields.

In the field of Corporate Intelligence, a wide legal casuistry is proposed that includes the treatment of the right of access to information, the reuse of information, industrial espionage or public-private cooperation, and presents specific considerations on aspects such as the application of the principle of guilt in surveillance, unfair competition and lobbying activities.

Faced with a diffuse legal framework and the legal vacuum that is evident in India in matters of Corporate Intelligence, specific legal advice is required, both preventive and permanent support to the function, as well as in the event of litigation.

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